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Ghana’s Parliament Points Education As A Vital Factor For Good Governance In Africa

Ghana’s parliament Points Education as a vital factor for good governance in Africa

Qualitative and universal education have been listed as a key factor that would create good governance in Africa.

Increased intra-African trade and support for creativity and innovation were also mentioned at the parliament discussion as key factors to good goverance.

The discussion took place at a convention celebrating 25 years of Ghana’s parliament with the theme: ‘The Future of Good Governance in Africa’.

Amongst the officials in attendance was Dr. Bukola Saraki, Nigerian senate president. He addressed African leaders and said they could best deliver on good governance if they first ensured that the people were sufficiently educated to make the right choices.

As stated in The Guardian, since 2015 almost 90% of Ghana’s children are now enrolled into school. (

Saraki added that it must be mandatory for every child to go to school, contending that African governments should ensure that there are incentives for those that send their children to school, and penalties for those that do not.

The Senate President encouraged Ghana and Nigeria to step up to the plate and fulfil their leadership role for the growth and development of the continent.


By Natasha Gwebu