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Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd, ASG, the organisation publishing the Africa Science Gateway™ portal, is a social enterprise founded in 2014 by Sean Intiomale as a response to the challenges faced by academics leaders, industry and policymakers in improving universities-government-industry partnerships for regional relevance and global competitiveness, hence tackling the very issue of ineffective dissemination of research and innovation outcomes.

By putting more emphasis on avoiding deficiencies in the uptake and transfer of research-based knowledge to practice, Africa Science Gateway has identified that effective communication of findings to core stakeholders and patrons is key to the development of the African continent. Therefore, having a significant impact on decision-making processes, practice, and commercialisation, but it also gives African institutions an edge in the globalisation of research-driven institutions.

Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd was born out of a need to enhance the competitiveness of research institutions in Africa, their visibility globally and their professional ability to build networks efficiently while fostering their local relevance.

Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd was founded as a tangible result of the 8th West African Research and Innovation Management Association (WARIMA) international conference and workshops held at Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State, in Nigeria.

Built to enhance universities-government-industry research and innovation partnerships, Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd invested significantly in technology to provide a one-stop-shop for research and innovation management support services to empower research and higher education institutions, think tanks, research consortia, non profit organisations, government department and industries.

More and more policymakers, international donors, and benchmarking institutions require effective dissemination of research results and innovation. Africa has fallen behind for some years until now that research-based knowledge transfer and uptake has become a norm for any research and higher education institution.

In an era where research managers and professionals need the competency to handle various projects, from sourcing resources, managing development, human resources, partnership building to reporting and communicating findings, Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd has developed an innovative solution aimed at filling the gap and ease the work of African research and development institutions – The Africa Science Gateway™ eRMAS (enterprise research management and administration system).

Our location

Africa Science Gateway - 17 Queens Park Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town

The West African Research and Innovation Management Association (WARIMA) and the Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (AVCNU) are key stakeholders of the development of Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd, including the contribution from Government Departments in 3 countries and Policymakers advising our services of essential policies implementation.

The Executive Board is chaired by Mr Sean Intiomale, Founder, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Chief Executive Officer and current Business Development Director. Mr Djino Makani, Managing Director for the SADC region, leads the Sub-Saharan operations and Mrs Jackie Opara Fatoye, co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer for West Africa and Editor-In-Chief of our media company, Africa Science Communication Network Ltd heads our science communication, policy and editorial team.

Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd counts 3 Senior Advisors include Prof Michael Faborode, Mechanical Engineer, Secretary General of the CVC/AVCNU and Former Vice-Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Prof Valentine Aletor, Nutritionist and Former Vice-Chancellor of Elizade University, Prof Patrice Intiomale Mbonino, Geologist and Writer, Professor of Geology of the University of Kinshasa and Former Technical Director of the DRC Mining Cadastre, Mr Munyaradzi Makoni, Senior Science Communication Journalist among other supportive seasonal advisors, heads of government departments, professors, chairpersons and secretary general of regional organisations.

It is Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd’s mission to ensure that institutions conducting research on the continent are positioned, recognised, ranked, and promoted and that capacity is sustained through active engagement with all stakeholders.

Research and development have become a significant factor in Africa’s long-term participation in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union 2063 Agenda. Thus, universities, research institutes, consortia, think tanks, industry and government are driven to become more research-intensive to meet these objectives and provide resources for African development.

Despite a number of factors affecting the science, technology and innovation ecosystem in Africa, the commitment had to be made to identify the resourcing needs of potential African universities, research institutions, government departments and private sector and industry to participate in the program to determine how to boost resource mobilisation and institutional advancement for dissemination and commercialisation.

Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd, through its eRMAS, Africa Science Gateway™ or ASG, will assist African institutions to catalyse a national database for science, technology, and innovation stakeholders and for the effective dissemination of findings and activities as the first step in the development of a fully-fledged networking and collaboration management portal.

Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd aims to improve the accessibility and proximity to research funding, findings and uptake across the continent by providing ongoing access to global schemes and research and innovation insights targeting African and for African institutions on an individual and institutional base license to lead our scientifically-based focus to development, poverty alleviation and improvement of collaboration on the continent and beyond through information technology.

Moving forward, Africa Science Gateway (Pty) Ltd aims to work closely with communication offices of research and higher education institutions, as well as government, agencies and industry stakeholders to widen the reach of scientific publications, institutional portfolio, researchers profiling, and addressing the deficiency of information by consulting between sectors to enhance the scope and support policymaking and higher impact interventions for Africa by African institutions with global supports.

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